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Blacksmith Brewing Company

Located on Main Street, in the charming Town of Stevensville, Blacksmith Brewing is well-known and well-loved.

Located in what was previously a blacksmith shop, Blacksmith Brewing Company offers a cozy, friendly tap room with regular single keg releases for your drinking pleasure. The latest releases include Pineapple Jalapeno IPA, Mayfly Mexican Lager and Rye Whiskey Red Ale. With this kind of variety, it's not easy to get bored. Blacksmith also offers something most of the others don't - live music!

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Why We Love Blacksmith Brewing Company

There's never a dull moment at this little hometown brewery. It could be because we know most of the folks coming and going, or it could be because we have a front row seat to all the action taking place on any given evening in Stevensville. The choice of beer here isn't huge, but it's good and there are many original flavors to test.

Although they don't offer food, tasty options aren't too far away. Often you can find a food truck parked right outside the door. Within stumbling distance next door, Big Sky Grub Shack has a nice menu that goes well with beer. And there's a fantastic BBQ joint just across the street.

Favorite Beer

There's literally no way that we can pick just one. Many of them we can't even remember the name of.

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