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Lolo Peak Brewery & Grill

A gorgeous lodge-like brewery located on the top end of the Bitterroot Valley and a little too close to Missoula for most of us 'root folk, is the Lolo Peak Brewery & Grill.

Lolo Peak Brewery is in a large, lodge-like building on a rise above Lolo, Montana. A beautiful and comfortable place to take in lunch or dinner with a group or alone. Sitting at the bar solo is common and the bartenders are great conversationalists. There are plenty of tables for groups of 6 or 8. There's also an outdoor patio and a deck. Literally, something for everyone here.

All the details for Lolo Creek Brewery & Grill, including hours, location, menu, and beer.

Why We Love Lolo Creek Brewery & Grill

Lolo Peak has consistently tasty beer, a large selection always available and a great menu to pair with your choice.

Lolo is just 7 short miles from Missoula and an easy and scenic drive. Take a drive down to Blue Mountain for a pre-dinner hike, then continue on to the Brewery to top off a beautiful summer evening.

Favorite Beer

Almost all of the light, non-hoppy beers are fantastic here, including Broken Top Pilsner, Alpenglow Wheat Ale and Two Sisters English Pale Ale.

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