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Wildwood Brewery

Cozy and welcoming, but easy to drive right by, you won't want to miss the Organic certified craft brews and the wood-fired pizza made to order.

Wildwood Brewing is all about the beer, so make sure that all the folks in your party drink beer or they will be disappointed by the non-beer options available. Also, pizza. Beer and pizza is pretty much all you're going to find here. I don't say that like it's a bad thing. It's possibly the best thing ever.

All the details for Wildwood Brewing, including hours, location, menu, and beer.

Why We Love Wildwood Brewing

It's tiny. Really tiny. And the tasting room is really an after thought to the brewery itself. Which is right there. You will be sitting with it. Wildwood is serious about their beer and almost all available options are available in local groceries such as Burnt Fork Market.

The beer is tasty. Luckily the pizza is too. It's cooked in their custom wood-fired oven. In the summer, you can sit on the patio, take in the amazing view of the Bitterroot Mountains and watch your pizza sizzle while you sip your beer.

Favorite Beer

Bodacious Bock.

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